Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Holistic Doctors Dead or Missing...

...And their Connection to Nagalase in Vaccines and GcMAF as a Treatment for Cancer and Austism (among other diseases)

I have been following this story since the first few holistic doctors turned up dead.  At first, it looked like it was just coincidental...but like Garak in Star Trek Deep Space 9 says "I believe in coincidence, but I don't trust coincidence".  Then more holistic doctors turned up dead.  And, again, more.

This story quickly became a very tangled web when articles (and videoes) like "Is this the real reason Holistic Doctors are being killed and vanishing?" began appearing.  Seems that at least some of the dead doctors were connected in some way to this tangled web.

In that article, we learn about an enzyme called nagalase that is produced by cancer cells and by viruses.  This enzyme shuts down our immune system by blocking the conversion of a Gc protein into a macrophage activating factor.  The macrophages are what attack and destroy viruses and cancer cells.  Apparently, some of the dead holistic doctors were finding that nagalase is present in many vaccines like the MMR which (I think I have read elsewhere) uses a live virus.  One of those doctors, Dr. Bradstreet had reportedly testified before Congress on this very issue and its connection to autism.

Some conspiracy theorists have jumped to conclusions and are convinced that nagalase is purposely inserted into vaccines.  I don't know what to think.  It is possible (I think) that the presence of nagalase in vaccines may be an "unintended consequence".  After all, it is reported that viruses (as well as cancer cells) naturally produce nagalase as a way to cripple an immune system.  If live (albeit attenuated) viruses are used in vaccines, it seems possible that those viruses are producing nagalase. 

Either way, I would imagine that the pharma industry would not want this information to get out.  What with the push to mandate vaccines together with all the new ones being developed, I don't think they would want anything to "darken the reputation" of their money-making vaccines.

And we learn that the activating factor (GcMAF) blocked by nagalase can be manufactured.  This opened up a whole other "can of worms".

The use of laboratory manufactured GcMAF is reported to restore functioning to the immune system.  There are two (that I could find) main researchers and developers of this laboratory produced GcMAF - Dr. Noakes and Dr Yamamoto.  If indeed it is as successful as it is reported to be, the cancer industry (among others) would stand to lose a lot of profit.

Quote from "How maverick cancer treatments are suppressed by the mainstream"
So why haven’t most of us heard of it?

Unlike antineoplastons, however, Gc-MAF hasn’t had the benefit of a single patent owner – as a natural molecule, it cannot be patented without being modified – with the will and resources to push it under the noses of the public and health authorities. Dr Yamamoto has run small human trials in breast, prostate and colorectal cancers, with promising results. However, he is by no means alone, as David Noakes is at pains to point out: “There’s better research than Dr Yamamoto’s out there these days, and it’s all listed on our website,” he says.

David Noakes might just be the person to bring Gc-MAF into the mainstream. He’s the CEO of Immuno Biotech Ltd. and spokesperson for First Immune Gc-MAF, a project he describes as, “PhD and BSc biochemists and biomedical scientists...with external doctors, oncologists and scientists who kindly provide advice, committed to bringing some of the increasing number of published but relatively unused medical cures to as many people as we can.”  At the moment, Noakes and his colleagues are supplying Gc-MAF to 30 countries where it is legal, via a network of “around 300” doctors. Their Gc-MAF is made to extremely high standards, and is being used in ongoing clinical research by Noakes’ collaborators and others. Their ultimate goal is to, “Build the case that GcMAF is effective for various illnesses, which will help to make it available to the public”.
In this article (among others) "INVESTIGATION: Three days before Dr. Bradstreet was found dead in a river, U.S. govt. agents raided his research facility to seize a breakthrough cancer treatment called GcMAF", we learn that days before Dr. Bradstreet was found dead, his office was raided by government agents with a warrant to search specifically for GcMAF and anything related to it.  Article includes a link to a pdf copy of search warrant.  And we learn that Immuno Biotech, Ltd (whose CEO is Dr. Noakes) had their clinics shut down, phials of GcMAF seized, and production stopped.  This is also the laboratory where (now disceased) Dr. Bradstreet was getting his GcMAF.

But, wait, there's more.  There is apparently a young company, Afranat Ltd (with Dr. Yamamoto as one of the founding members) who recently raised 4.5 million dollars to develop a patentable formula for GcMAF.

Quote from "Cancer treatment developer Efranat raises $4.5m"
Because this is a molecule that appears naturally in the body, the patent does not involve the material; it refers only to the production process...Efranat has developed a new patent-protected formula for the material that enhances its stability and makes it possible to use it clinically.
So, I don't know, "Who's on first?"

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