Saturday, January 9, 2016

Beginning of the End of Belief

 Originally published on July 7, 2007...

My grandmother started me out with the Southern Baptist denomination. When my father remarried and I went to live with him and my stepmother, I continued to attend church even though my parents did not. I was a devout believer and was baptised at around age 10.

As a teen-ager, I even taught vacation bible school. I was involved with the youth group as well.
At age 16, I had a question about religion. I went to my pastor and asked. I was told that since I was female, I was not allowed to ask the pastor questions directly. He said I needed to ask my husband or my father. I was not married and my father did not attend church nor did he read the bible. I belonged to a very small church and my pastor knew these things. I even pointed them out to the pastor. He insisted I talk to my father.

How very unsatisfying! How demeaning! I ask you, does having a penis somehow endow males with spiritual knowledge? It made no sense to me (still doesn’t). After all, if I have a medical question, I ask a doctor, etc. I had a spiritual/religious question, so I went to the person who was trained in religion and spirituality.

It seems more of a way to make sure the females only know what their male “masters” want them to know. Maybe that pastor did not want to step on another male’s toes by giving the female any information her father or her (theoretical) husband did not want her to have.

That was the beginning of my deconversion from Christianity. I did not give up on Christianity yet, though. I have always had a deep need to seek Truth, and I am stubborn. I thought maybe it was just this church….

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